A Unique Affair By Phala

A Unique Affair is proud of offering wedding planning services for over 20 years in the Panama City, FL area! Ensuring your special day is filled with happiness and fun memories is our main focus.

Where memories are made...

For a truly unique and memorable affair, let us help you create the wedding you've always dreamed of. We offer full-service planning from the time you say "I will" to the time you say "I do".

Call us today to schedule a consultation! You can reach us by calling (850) 785-1947 and (850) 258-9560 or click the link below to send us a message!

Let us take the stress off your shoulders! Everything from the planning process to the "I do" moment is meant to be fully enjoyed. Learn more about the services we can do for you!

With over 20 years of experience you can bet we've got loads of images for you to see! From wedding ceremony flowers to cakes and decor, you'll find the inspiration to begin the planning process!

A one-of-a-kind wedding...

A wedding that is unique is every bride's dream! Here are some tips to further guarantee your wedding will be one that everyone will forever remember as the event of the year!

1. Set up a budget.
Know for sure how much money you want to spend before starting the planning process. This will save a lot of money trouble in the future!

2. Give yourself time!
The lack of planning can be devastating! Make sure to start the planning process as soon as you get engaged, this will ensure you'll have time to solve any issues if they were to arise.

3. Involve the groom.
The soon-to-be-husband is a very important piece of this wedding puzzle. Get him involved and listen to his ideas, two minds at work is better than one!

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